A Guide to Today’s Labor Party Elections

Incumbent Shelly Yachimovich faces off against party royalty Isaac Herzog

Breaking: Avigdor Lieberman to Resign

Following indictment, Israeli FM to quit, but will return for elections

Moshe Kahlon Makes a Splash

Does Netanyahu need to look over his shoulder?

On the ‘Bieberman’ Super Party

What it means for Israeli politics

Sundown: Not So Fast, Mr. Olmert?

Plus Arlen Specter eulogized

Daybreak: Clinton Takes Blame for Libya Attack

Plus Knesset dissolves (itself)

Nobel Literature Prize & Israeli Elections

What’s up? A follow-up to our round-up

Sundown: Fear the Olmert?

Plus Jay-Z lights the menorah in Brooklyn

Daybreak: Early Elections Coming to Israel

Plus French raids on domestic terror cells yields some frightening results

Sundown: Early Elections for Israel?

Plus a synagogue in Brussels gets tagged with serious anti-Semitic graffiti

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