Hezbollah Heading for the Golan Heights

How the flare-up on the Israel-Lebanon border may portend a larger conflict

Two IDF Soldiers Killed Near Lebanon Border

First fatal Hezbollah attack in Israel’s north since 2006 raises questions about deterrence

Chelsea Handler: Topless Peacenik

American comedian bares all in Israel with a message of coexistence

The Lost Tribes of Israel

The Jewish state seeks to bring the Bedouin in from the desert

The Deeper Lessons of the Miss Universe Contest

Beyond the selfie drama, this year’s pageant was a deliciously absurd spectacle

Tony Judt Is Aging Poorly

A new collection of the late historian’s essays says more about his prejudices than about his achievements

Chelsea Handler’s Holy Land Adventure

A proposed itinerary for the unorthodox comedian’s trip to Israel

For Jews in France, 2015 Isn’t the 1930s

The existence of the State of Israel is a reason to stay in Europe, not flee it

Miss Universe Selfie Sparks Middle East Drama

Outrage after Miss Lebanon appears in a photo with Miss Israel

‘This Is Not How We Wanted to Welcome You to Israel’

Why Israeli President Rivlin’s moving eulogy for the Paris victims matters

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