Far From Home, Sabras in U.S. Reflect on Israel

How Israelis in America are celebrating Israel’s 67th Independence Day

Peace Needn’t Depend on Common Facts

An argument for moving away from talk of Israeli and Palestinian ‘rights’


This week in Israel: Shalit’s family stages a different kind of protest, Mossad speculates on war with Iran, and Maccabi fans get stranded at the airport


This week in Israel: Bin Laden makes waves, Hamas and Fatah sign a deal, a former president prepares for prison, and El Al’s first female captain takes off


This week in Israel: A bomb in Jerusalem returns terrorism to the capital, rockets in the Negev could prompt Cast Lead 2, a former president goes to jail, social workers demonstrate for higher wages, and more

Did Mike Bloomberg Declare Hitler’s Birthday Jewish Heritage Day?

Nope, despite confused media alert

Daybreak: Mixed Messages on Israel’s Independence Day

Promises, moodiness, and pressure

Clinton’s Word Choice Raises Questions

Her controversial Independence Day message for Israel

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