Likud Lawmaker Sponsors Bill Mandating Arabic Education in Israeli Schools

Support pours in from left and right, as well as Israeli President Rivlin

Israel Is Still Racist and Colonialist—But at Least It Has a Name

Dispatch from the 60th anniversary of the Bandung Conference, Indonesia, where the Jewish state is a pariah

Bibi Tabs Dore Gold as Foreign Ministry Chief

Netanyahu tightens his grip

Why the Iran Nuclear Deal Could Be Catastrophic for Israel

Holocaust-denying rhetoric masks Nazi-like fantasies

Jerusalem, Spring 2015: What Is Normal Here?

A love letter to the mundane Holy City

‘Mr. Sinatra Adored Israel, and Israel Adored Him Back.’

The Chairman of the Board died 17 years ago today. In his centennial year, a tour of his deep-seated Zionism.

Remember Gaza?

A visit to Gaza City, for the latest from Hamas, Fatah, Benjamin Netanyahu—and Marine Le Pen

Natalie Portman Hits Her Stride

What the most visibly Jewish actress of her generation can teach us about being ourselves—and handling tough questions about Israel

Lauryn Hill Nixes Israel Shows

Facing BDS pressure, singer cites ‘challenge’ of performing in both Tel Aviv and Ramallah

We Are All Zionists Now

How EasyJet and anti-Zionism are turning British Jews into Israelis: part 5 of Tablet’s series on the U.K.

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