Why Doesn’t the Times Care About European Jews?

Solicits stories about harassment from Muslims only*

Meet the New Jews, Same as the Old Jews

Why ‘Islamophobia’ in Europe cannot be equated with anti-Semitism, either in nature or degree

Is the European Right Israel’s Real Friend?

And who is European Muslims’ real enemy?

What To Make of the Oslo Attacker’s Zionism?

Manifesto by alleged slayer of 92 articulated Islamophobia, ‘Israeli nationalism’

The Problems With Peter King’s Hearing

And why the ADL objects to it, too

Listen Up

A deaf Muslim atheist responds defiantly to the debate over the ‘Ground Zero mosque’

Islamophobia or Reality?

A conservative activist and a liberal Tablet contributor debate whether the ‘Ground Zero mosque’ poses a threat to the United States

The New Anti-Semitism, Continued

Park51’s Khan sees resonance with Islamophobia

Today on Tablet

Anti-Semitism turned Islamophobia, and more

The New Anti-Semitism

Recent attacks on Islam in the United States echo old slurs against Jews

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