‘Commentary’ Archive Heads to Texas

Ransom Center in Austin is a hotbed of Jewish literary papers


An Ezra Jack Keats exhibit at the Jewish Museum underscores the children’s book author and illustrator’s striking ambivalence about his Jewishness

Singer’s Typewriter, Heschel’s Suits

The things we carry

Magic Keys

Promised a prized object, an aspiring writer and family friend helped Isaac Bashevis Singer’s widow sort through his possessions. But some things will always remain out of reach.

The Gimpel With a Song in His Heart

Huppah Dreams

Less Interesting Jewish Books

Thank God we have better stuff to read

The Socialist

Friends and Politics, Part 2: Irving Howe. The prominent critic and I worked on Yiddish translations together, but a dispute over Israel and its Arab neighbors ruptured our relationship—until we reconnected over literature.

Coney Island Winter

Site of famous coaster up for sale


I.J. Singer’s newly reissued The Brothers Ashkenazi may not be on par with the greatest realist epics, but it is an eerie foretelling of Eastern European Jewry’s eventual fate

Jews Who Booze

Match a drink to a novelist

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