Daughter of an Iranian Ayatollah Fights for Peace

Maryam Faghihimani shares how she learned to look past ‘black holes of pasts,’ befriend Jews

Brandeis Commencement Speaker Draws Mixed Response

Most students don’t even know who Thomas Pickering is

Inside Obama’s Meeting With Jewish Leaders

What he said, what they said, and what America is now saying to the world about exterminationist anti-Semitism

Honey, I Shrunk the Jews!

Why did Obama send a lowly vice-presidential adviser to inform American Jewish leadership about his Iran deal?

Gilad, My Enemy

Iran, Iraq, Gaza, Israel, Shia, Sunni, Muslim, Jew

The One Website You Should Visit This Passover

Movements.org is crowdsourcing liberty around the world

Preliminary Iran Nuclear Framework Reached

Final details to be negotiated by June 30; fight moves to Congress

Deadline on Iran Talks Delayed Another Day

Déjà vu all over again?

Deadline Extended on Iran Nuclear Talks

Negotiators will stay in Switzerland another day to draft an outline

Obama’s Harvest of Violence

A pact with Iran sends a clear message to Arab liberals: No one will help you

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