The Mystery of Hitler’s Heavy Leg

And other odd questions from the NYPL’s pre-Internet days

Yiddish Goes Virtual With Online Classes

More proof the language isn’t dying: interactive online courses

Gaza War Brings Down L’Internet in France

Trolls come out strong for the Jews

Israeli Arrested For Instigating Beating of Arabs

Used social media to call for assaults, one of which was caught on camera

Online and Unabashed: Orthodox Rabbis and Scholars Take to the Internet

A universe of blogs has sprung up where issues of Jewish law and rabbinic authority are discussed in unprecedented ways

BuzzTorah Wants to Make Judaism Go Viral

New website modeled after BuzzFeed offers quirky Jewish-themed listicles

How Jewish Learning Benefits From Snow Days

Teachers should harness their students’ excitement without overloading them

Jews Control the Internet, Says Pro-Palestinian Website

Dutch group charged with criminal complaint over anti-Semitic article

What Israel’s New ‘Revenge Porn’ Ban Means

Posting photos of an ex without consent could lead to up to five years in prison

Stop Texting. Make a Resolution To Reconnect the Old Fashioned Way.

Our digital age hinders empathy, facilitates malice, and ruptures relationships. But one books argues that all hope is not lost.

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