Woody Allen Making Love: A Supercut

The most fun you’ll ever have without laughing

Comedian Jackie Mason—Who Turns 82 Sunday—Is Still Really, Really Funny

But in an in-depth interview with Tablet Magazine, he also gets serious about Israel, anti-Semitism, and why Italians love him

Nora Ephron’s Character

The famed screenwriter, who died Tuesday at 71, single-handedly invented a new kind of woman

‘Ignore Hitler,’ Indeed

Internet parodies of the Fuhrer, including a new blog, weaken our memory of the Holocaust—and that’s good

All About My Mother’s Day

On the annual trip to visit mom, I fought with her, my boyfriend almost drowned, and I didn’t want to leave

Butt of the Joke

Why do my kids laugh at poop?


How Sarah Silverman finally won me over

Paging Mulva!

Jason Alexander sees Middle East peace through non-sectarian comedy

JT’s Jewish Jokes

Former ‘goy band’-er hosts UJA luncheon

More Old Jews Telling Jokes

Hopefully new ones

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