Huma Abedin’s Problem: Nice Jewish Boy Derangement Syndrome

As a public figure, Anthony Weiner’s loyal spouse is sending the noxious message that men should be defended at any cost

Does New York City Need a First Lady?

The city’s gone much of the last three decades without one

The Anthony Weiner Comeback Profile Makes Waves

What folks are saying about the big story

Daybreak: Palestinian UN Statehood Bid Redux

Plus hazing in the IDF and detention centers for African refugees

Daybreak: Hamas to Join PLO

Plus tension in Lebanon, Iranian provocation, and more in the news

Sundown: Knesset Passes Anti-Boycott Law

Plus, Obama borrows from Hillel, Mizrahi Manischewitz, and more

Obligatory Weinergate Post

Queens congressman runs into some trouble on the Twitter

Sundown: Clinton Is The Marrying Kind

Plus a Libyan ship heads for Gaza, and more

Sundown: Mixed Power Couples

Plus Oren makes peace with J Street, and more

Sundown: From Stewart to Leibowitz?

Plus, Weiner’s Muslim fiancée

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