Goodbye to All That

For generations, the Jews of Caracas had idyllic weather, prosperity, and vibrant communal organizations. Things changed under Hugo Chávez.

Venezuela’s Dispossessed

Half of Venezuela’s Jewish community fled under Hugo Chávez, who died this week. Will the other half follow?

The Iranian Tipping Point Approaches

A rickety economy and nuclear progress make war more likely

Chávez Listens to The Boss

Castro’s philo-Semitism is contagious!

Report from Venezuela

Eye-opening clip on Chávez regime’s anti-Jewishness

Venezuela’s Sanctioned Street Art

Graffiti is okay, except when it’s not; then, you’re a Jew

Venezuela Called on Anti-Semitism

International body is preparing anti-racism convention

Un Problema en Venezuela

More and more, Jews there are leaving

Iran-Style Anti-Semitism Spreading in Latin America

First Venezuela, now Honduras

Where Islamism Meets Authoritarian Socialism

At anti-Semitism, of course

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