Daybreak: Egyptian Jewish Community Leader Dies

Plus Venezuelan elections and an Albany update

Daybreak: Israel Stays Mum on Chávez

Plus the latest development in the Prisoner X saga

Sundown: Hagel Promises Barak Missile Defense

Plus why so serious Jon Stewart?

Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez Dies at 58

The controversial leader had a terrible record with the Jews

Venezuela and Its Fleeing Jewish Population

What elections mean for the remnants of the Jewish community

Sowing Hatred in Venezuela

A prominent challenger to President Hugo Chávez isn’t Jewish, but his roots are. That’s enough for the regime.

Sundown: Israeli Energy (Literally)

Plus more power to Bibi, and more

Chávez Stirs Up Anti-Semitism Against Rival

Henrique Capriles Radonski isn’t Jewish, but that hardly matters in Venezuela

Sundown: Clooney to Rescue Nazi-Looted Art

Plus, Christie on Israel, Chavez’s Jewish opponent, and more

Paradise Lost?

A withering look at Venezuela’s besieged Jewish idyll

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