Is Egypt Coming Apart?

Sectarian strife, remilitarized Sinai point to uncertain future


Egyptian-Israeli relations reached a low point this weekend. But Egypt’s military, secure in its power, has no interest in undermining the 1979 peace treaty.

Embassy Clash Is One More Crisis for Israel

Has Netanyahu prepared his country for this trying moment?

What Egyptian Democracy Means for Israel

A newly empowered citizenry looks northward

Israel and Egypt’s Deeper Ties

Recent tensions only reveal fundamental shared interests. Hopefully.


With the Arab Spring shaking the Middle East’s status quo, a new regional order is being born. As the recent attacks in Eilat and Be’er Sheva show, Israel is likely to pay a price.

One Weekend, Two Crises

A brouhaha with Egypt, and rockets from Gaza

Sundown: P.A. Slows Down on Road to U.N.

Plus, Turkey means never having to say you’re sorry, and more

Quite A Six Months We’ve Had!

That was the half-year that was, on The Scroll

Minority Report

By establishing a Jewish majority in Palestine, Israel distinguished itself from other Middle East minority groups, which suffer physical fear and intellectual confusion, even if they hold power

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