Another View of ‘Cordoba’

Does history live up to the Islamic center’s ideal?

Why Cordoba?

The Ground Zero Islamic center was named for a period in Spanish-Muslim history that some call a golden age of tolerance

Halkin and Wisse and Shulevitz, Oh My!

The latest ‘Jewish Review of Books’

Jewish Review of Books on Yehuda Halevi

“Hillel Halkin has done a superb job in responding to these challenges in what is, in my view, his best book.”

‘Yerushalayim Shel Zahav’ Today

And the song’s Yehuda Halevi connection

We Have a Poetry Contest Winner!

Read Susan Comninos’ poem

At Such a Time, My Eyes Can’t Hold

Your daily poetry fix

Be Still, You Booming Surf

Your daily poetry fix

Lord, You Are My Sole Desire

Your daily poetry fix

Driven by Longing

Your daily poetry fix

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