Cartoon Politics

New graphic novels by Harvey Pekar and Guy Delisle illustrate different takes on the Israeli-Palestinian mess


The last fully realized work by Harvey Pekar illuminates the bluntness and delight of American Yiddish in the last century. A new excerpt.

On the Bookshelf

Yiddish is far from dead. It’s undead, and it haunts everything from Harvey Pekar’s comics to the vampire literature of the early 20th century.

Pekar’s ‘Jewish Review’ Collaborator Made a Stir

Writer’s widow resented Seibel

Today on Tablet

Keret on soccer, a good-bye to Pekar, and more


An illustrated remembrance of cartooning legend Harvey Pekar

Splendorous Americans

More remembering of Harvey Pekar and Tuli Kupferberg

Harvey Pekar Dies

Comic book writer was ‘poet laureate of Cleveland’

First ‘Jewish Review of Books’ Drops

A new literary quarterly

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