Michael Oren and the Green Bay Packers

My bet with Rabbi Andy Bachman

Giants Come Alive

Dispensing with Atlanta, they set up Green Bay meeting; Pats will play Denver

Green Bay Wins the Super Bowl

And Ed Sabol gets into the Hall of Fame

So, Packers or Steelers?

The case for both sides

The Other League

The short-lived American Football League, merged into the NFL after Super Bowl IV, invented the modern media spectacle that is pro football. And three Jews invented the show that was the AFL.

Leave Me Alone!

Comment of the week

Packers Versus Steelers

After Bears and Jets losses, the Super Bowl is set

Who Is Our New NFL Team?

With surprising Patriots loss, the slot is open

Mathletic Prowess

Football Outsiders statistics guru Aaron Schatz previews the NFL playoffs with Tablet’s resident sports fanatic, Marc Tracy, and offers a strong outlook for pro football’s Jews

Enter Sage, and the Giants

How our teams fared this weekend

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