The Weak Link in the Iran Fight

A scary incident in Austria shows that in the standoff against Iran, Europe is not standing up to the mullahs

Being the Jew in the Box

To have conversations with Germans about Jews, I had to become an exhibition at Berlin’s Jewish Museum

A World War II Bomb Delays Berlin Trains

The unexploded bomb was found earlier today

Berlin Jewish Museum’s ‘Jew in the Box’ Exhibit

Some people are not happy about this

Germany Reaching Out To Be Israel’s Valentine

A German deal to help Israelis in countries where Israel has frayed ties

Daybreak: State of Union Stays Local

Plus Lapid talks peace talks, but cautiously

German Green Party Gives Iran a High Five

Claudia Roth has some explaining to do

Recreating a Mistake at a Berlin Memorial

What is it with fashion people and the Holocaust?

Germany’s Most Annoying Jew

Satirist and media gadfly Henryk Broder attacks his countrymen’s attitudes toward Israel and Jews

Jewish Pirate Identity and Mistaken Identity

A political round up from Germany and Egypt

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