Crimes Against Jews on Rise in Germany

Anti-Semitic offenses climbed over 25% last year

Władysław Bartoszewski Dies at 93

Former Polish foreign minister, an Auschwitz survivor, masterminded Poland’s relations with Germany and the Jews

Visiting Buchenwald With My Grandfather

I knew I’d feel sad on our trip to Germany. I wasn’t expecting to be so angry.

German Nobel Laureate Günter Grass Dies at 87

Novelist who reckoned with country’s post-war legacy leaves complex legacy

‘I Am Very Jewish in Berlin’

Voices from Europe: Talking to young Israelis living in the German capital

A Flourless Hazelnut Torte for Passover

How my German grandmother’s recipe became my go-to holiday dessert

Tuvia Tenenbom Is a Weak, Insecure, Blustery Jew

‘Catch the Jew!’ is a shoddy, fantastical answer to Max Blumenthal’s ‘Goliath’

Being Jewish in Germany, Then Switzerland

Voices from Europe: Questions of identity, visibility follow a move to Basel

The Women Who Came Before Her

In my daughter’s eyes, nose, and spirit, I see her strong, diverse foremothers

Berlin Exhibit Explores Ritual Circumcision

Jewish Museum shows custom in Jewish, Muslim, and Christian contexts

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