Karger Loses Nomination, Wins Legal Ground

Fred Karger’s discrimination claim against conservation organization stands

Karger Has Biggest Victory in Puerto Rico

Jewish, openly gay GOP candidate beats out Ron Paul

Karger’s Discrimination Claim Proceeds

Republican candidate alleges he was denied a booth at CPAC conference

Karger Alleges CPAC Discrimination

Gay, Jewish Republican candidate threatening legal action

GOP Jew Not Invited to GOP Jewish Forum

Fred Karger chats about upcoming RJC event

Fox News Blocks Fred Karger From Debate

Conservative network changes requirements, says gay Republican candidate ineligible

Sundown: Israel’s Birthday

Plus, the second annual flotilla, Shas says don’t smoke, and more

Elder Statesman

Fred Karger is a gay, Jewish Republican, and he’s running for president. His plan is to embarrass the Mormon GOP frontrunner, Mitt Romney, and get the church to drop its support for gay-marriage bans.

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