A Great Thinker Rediscovers His Judaism on the Day of Atonement

Jewish philosopher Franz Rosenzweig was set to convert to Christianity a century ago. Yom Kippur services changed his mind.

Into the Jewish People

The rabbi who co-officiated at the Clinton-Mezvinsky wedding on his journey to accepting intermarriage

American Messiah

It’s been 16 years since Menachem Schneerson’s death, but in a sense the seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe is with us more than ever


The Sabbath is but one of the Jewish contributions to the science of keeping time

Melancholy Melody

Kol Nidre gets me every time

The Storm Called Progress

Benjamin, Scholem, Rosenzweig and the Angel of History

Starting Small

Tracing Hilary Putnam’s roadmap to God

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