Why Obama Wasn’t in Paris

The largest protest in French history conspicuously lacked one person

Politics Loom Large at Paris Solidarity Rally

But for hundreds of thousands of Parisians, the march was about unity

Paris’ March of Folly

Inclusion of leaders like Abbas and Turkey’s Davutoglu turned a symbolic moment into a farce

Two Scenes From the Grand Synagogue of Paris

Netanyahu, the French national anthem, and what it all means

The Frightening Reality for the Jews of France

A year of anti-Semitism, violence, and incitement in France

Live Reports from the Scene of Paris Kosher Supermarket Siege

Marc Weitzmann reports from the scene of the latest attack in Paris

French Mosques Targeted Following Paris Attack

Vigilante-style anti-Muslim violence the worst response to deadly shooting

Police Search for Two Paris Shooting Suspects

The third turned himself in for attack on satirical newspaper that killed 12 

Je Suis Charlie

The massacre in Paris and the freedom to say stupid things

Gunmen Attack French Satirical Newspaper

At least 12 killed at publication known for controversial Muhammad cartoons

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