Re-remembering Yerushalmi

Reflections on a former professor and his posthumous fiction debut

Walter and Edith

Some people love taking cruises. The retired couple in this short story, by Miami fiction writer Jeremy Glazer, enjoys watching them go by.

Judy Blume: Still Awesome

And still totally getting you

End of the World

Novelists Gary Shteyngart and Joshua Cohen discuss their dark visions of the future

The Frozen Rabbi: Week 10, Part 5

In our final installment, Bernie tastes both disillusionment and the sublime

The Frozen Rabbi: Week 10, Part 4

Peering from behind a curtain, Bernie sees the rabbi in action

The Frozen Rabbi: Week 10, Part 3

Upon entering the rabbi's enlightenment center, Bernie is taken aback

The Frozen Rabbi: Week 10, Part 2

Unable to fully master his newfound skills, Bernie visits Rabbi Eliezer at his workplace

The Frozen Rabbi: Week 10, Part 1

Abandoned by his mentor, Bernie falls back on old habits

The Frozen Rabbi: Week 9, Part 5

Overcoming his native skepticism, Mr. Karp accepts the rabbi’s offer

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