Daybreak: Talking About Father’s Day

The latest written written by, for, and about dads

In My Father’s Footsteps

Going on a book tour just a few weeks after my father died, I learned how to walk in his shoes—literally

Skating Backward

Marking the first anniversary of his father’s death, a son reflects on the deceased’s once-powerful frame and how its legacy and memory continue to give him strength

A Cold Case

From the archives: Trying to recall the exact moment my father told me he was dying

Papa, Can You Hear Me?

VIDEO: Assisted Loving author Bob Morris on helping his elderly dad to date

Higher Learning

A father tells his young son a tantalizing lie

Immediate Identification

Finding things in common with a boy from old L

The Comfort Zone

In our apartment, I learned French and read Shakespeare. Outside of it, things got a bit more complicated.

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