Jerry Seinfeld Wants to Help Fathers be Helpful

Comedian spreads message of wife Jessica Seinfeld’s Fatherhood Initiative

Why Jewish Fathers Are the Opposite of TV Dads

Forget our perfect models; what we need is a dose of Jewish dadhood

Daybreak: Talking About Father’s Day

The latest written written by, for, and about dads

Man Up: Coping With the Holiday Barbecue That Gets Summer Started

An afternoon of grilling, drinking, and friendly conversation with neighbors is one man’s nightmare

Heavenly Fatherhood

A haftorah of child-rearing and redemption

Adventures in Babyland

Writer Sam Apple on how parenthood changed him—and how it didn’t

You Gotta Have Faith

In the final countdown to the big event, one chore keeps not getting done

A Death in Books

A son faces the ghosts his father left behind

Flight Plan

My son and my movie both love to crap on Daddy

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