Michael Douglas Takes on Anti-Semitism

‘We can stop the spread of this madness,’ actor writes in Los Angeles Times

Why One Jew is Staying Put in Brussels

The first installment of ‘Voices from Europe’ on our partner site, Jewcy

Pew: Harassment of Jews Rising Across Europe

Study finds frequency of anti-Semitic incidents at seven-year high

Madonna: France Today is like ‘Nazi Germany’

Tells Europe 1 interviewer ‘anti-Semitism is at an all-time high’

An American Jew in Copenhagen

How moving to the Danish capital helped a Southern boy grow up

Norway’s Muslims Protest Anti-Jewish Violence

Scenes from a human chain outside a synagogue in Oslo on Shabbat

Lessons From a Copenhagen Bat Mitzvah Celebration Turned Tragedy

After deadly synagogue attack, fighting terrorism by daring to be kind

A Pop Quiz To Get Into Synagogue

Heightened security in Europe means having to prove your Jewishness

Who’s Behind Italy’s Rising Anti-Semitism?

Report shows resurgent anti-Jewish sentiment in Europe has many sources

A New Reality for Young Jews in Europe

Reflections from the president of the European Union of Jewish Students 

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