Peace Needn’t Depend on Common Facts

An argument for moving away from talk of Israeli and Palestinian ‘rights’

Sundown: Drew the Jew?

Plus the NYT on our turf, and more

Sundown: Mossad Posed as CIA

Plus Ed Koch presides over his bridge, and more

Sundown: Russia Played Iran

Plus, Mamet Agonistes, Korean Jews, and more

Sundown: Hillary’s Turn

Plus hot Jewish Ivy League frat-boys, and more

Obama and the Jews

Has he lost support over Israel?

Sundown: I Dip, You Dip, We Dip

Mikvehs for all, ‘TNR’ bashing, and the plight of the ‘half-Jew’

J Street Conference Marks Shift

Group deserves credit for moving U.S. views on Israel, Alterman says in ‘NYT’

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