Faustian Bargain

The singular horror of the Holocaust is being lost in exchange for enshrining rare moments of inspiration and universal narratives of suffering

Mrs. DSK

The mystery of Anne Sinclair and her steadfast support of her husband

Sundown: Beck’s Jerusalem Syndrome, March

Plus Obama at AIPAC, Obama vs. Iran, and more

On the Bookshelf

Transfigurations: iterations of the Holocaust for Christian teens, boxing enthusiasts, bibliophiles, history buffs, and neo-Sebaldians

Voice of Peace

Elie Wiesel took to the 92Y stage this week for an evening of Yiddish standards, childhood reminiscences, and Borscht Belt shtick. Somehow it worked.

On the Bookshelf

Books that instruct, books that edify

Higher Truth

In her new book, critic Ruth Franklin argues for why the Holocaust is best understood through fiction

State of Denial

It’s time for Israel to rethink its rejection of the Armenian Genocide

On the Bookshelf

Jews of Madison Avenue, Jews of Broadway

Today on Tablet

Madoff imagined, and more

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