Justice Kagan

The Supreme Court gets its eighth Jewish member

Law Practice: Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, Jewish Law, and the Principle of Binding Precedent

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, Jewish law, and the principle of binding precedent

Daybreak: Rotem Bill Delayed, Not Defeated

Plus Kagan passes, Shylock schemes, and more in the news

A Yidisher Pop

Twilight, Tom Cruise, and a lesson in Yiddish

Vote on Kagan Any Day Now

Would-be justice still has full Senate to go

Sundown: Fayyad’s Failures

Plus mathematician rejects prize money, and more

Daybreak: Spies Targeted Jewish Donor

Plus Kagan discusses Chinese food, and more in the news

Daybreak: A’jad Sets New Obstacles to Talks

Plus Russian intelligence, and more in the news

Kagan Hearings Kick Off

Decline and fall of the WASP

Sundown: Why We Hate Her

Plus Iran gets its Seas confused, and more

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