How To Help Iconic East Village Dairy Restaurant

B&H Dairy, opened in 1942, has been closed since deadly March 26 explosion

Historic East Village Synagogue Landmarked

But NYC congregants who opposed designation worry about added red tape

Synagogue Ark Finds New Home—in a Church

Unlikely arrangement saves ornate ark as NYC temple becomes condominium

How Delmore Schwartz Saved My Life

Or at least kept Lou Reed from punching me at a dinner party

New York City Shuts Down Jewish Social Club

‘The Brownstone’ temporarily shuttered by Department of Buildings

Be a Mensch, Save a Public School Library

Children’s book artists donate auction items after school library loses funding

Childhood Memories for Resale

A thrift shop in New York’s East Village holds the story of my kids’ early years, and of a changed neighborhood

The Candy Store Poet

Herschel Silverman, a poet and candy store owner from Bayonne, N.J., was immortalized and befriended by Allen Ginsberg. At 85, the beat goes on.


In this week’s “Tell Me,” Tablet Magazine’s illustrated question-and-answer column, we revisit our dovish homeowner—and wait for some eggs to hatch

A Sweaty Send-Off

The old East Village gathers for Kupferberg

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