Sundown: Parties of God

Plus alleged Hezbollah spy eyes deal, and more

Have We Overreacted?

Rotem bill, currently frozen, provoked strong opposition stateside

Conversion Bill Takes Aim at Diaspora

Our editor returns fire in the NYT

Breeding Zionism

Is the Birthright Israel tour designed to foster a love of Israel or is it simply a chance to hook up?

The Facebook Diaspora*

Social network site takes its cue from the Jews

Sundown: U.S. Jews Uneasy With Israel

Plus J.D.’s Jewishness Unease, blustery Dubai, and more

Far Flung

Charles London traveled the world and found a brand of Judaism he could embrace

$6 Million for Tel Aviv Diaspora Museum

This time, to teach Israels about Jews elsewhere

Ad Calls Non-Israeli Jews ‘Lost’

And the Diaspora is just a bit offended

Assimilated Jews = Missing Persons

In new commercial for Israel study program

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