New Analysis of Pew Data: Children of Intermarriage Increasingly Identify as Jews

And half of Millennials who identify as Jews come from mixed families—a story of retention, not assimilation

The Problem With the Pew Study

We can learn a lot from the recent study on American Judaism, but the research is not without its flaws

World Jewish Population Grows, Slowly

One in every 514 people in the world is Jewish.

Daybreak: Details Emerge About Syria Strike

Plus Palm Beach Democratic Chair resigns after comments on Christians

A Jewish Revival?

Demography, migration patterns, and more

The Rise Of The “Partially Jewish”

Survey shows more Jews have “unconventional identity configurations”

Samson Shrugged?

Israel’s *other* demographic timebomb

Time Out

Conventional wisdom says Israel must reach a peace deal quickly, before population trends and diplomatic isolation overtake the Jewish state. Demographics and geopolitics tell a different story.

Birth Right

A Jewish democratic state by definition must have a Jewish majority. Political scientist Rebecca Steinfeld studies how Israel has from its earliest days sought to establish and maintain that majority.

Where Have All The Secular Israelis Gone?

The other demographic crisis

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