Adelson Is Election’s Biggest Loser

The casino mogul is out $70 million as Jewish voters re-elect Obama and Jewish GOP candidates lose

Sundown: Dems to Add Jerusalem to Platform

Plus State of Berlin legalizes circumcision

Dems Leave Jerusalem Off Party Platform

The Romney campaign wigs out on cue

Sundown: Israeli Security Cabinet Meets on Iran

Plus the Democratic platform: no word on Jerusalem

Congressional Jew-Count Plummeting

Jews in the House are leaving in droves

The Changeling

Ed Koch may not have caused a change in Obama’s Israel policy, but he’s forced the administration to shift its message to Democratic Jewish voters


Barack Obama courted American Jews as a candidate, but the relationship is on the rocks


Pro-Israel Congresswoman Shelley Berkley, Democrat from Las Vegas, rides a hot streak

Friends, Indeed

Former Spanish Prime Minister José María Aznar takes sides—and chooses Israel

Sundown: Madam Secretary

Plus the kosher donkey, and more

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