How We Freed Soviet Jewry

Twenty-five years ago today, a rally of 250,000 people changed the fate of Jews worldwide. An oral history.

On Iran, Obama’s Leaky Ship Prompts Response

Report on Azerbaijan makes further election-year hay out of debate

Quite A Six Months We’ve Had!

That was the half-year that was, on The Scroll

Stars of Rabbi-dom

The year they finally included more women

The Black-Jewish Alliance

Recalling that MLK’s greatest allies were often rabbis

NPR’s Weiss Resigns After Juan Williams Firing

Wife of Reform leader steps down following review

Sundown: Rabbis Go To Emanuel’s Temple

Plus why Obama should’ve picked a Protestant, and more

Sundown: Big Sukkah Judaism

Holiday traffic, Tweet Streets, and the ‘H’ word

Breaking Tradition, While Breaking Bread

Obama invites Jews to Muslim meal at the White House

Talmud Calls for Universal Health Care

Says Reform movement leader

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