Obama’s embrace of Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan threatens both Israel and the Palestinian Authority

J Street Pushes ‘Linkage’

And struggles to find co-signers

Linked In

Why do Arab governments—and the U.S.—insist the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is at the heart of all the Mideast’s problems?

Shadow Play: Agents of Influence on Egypt Ambassador Pick Robert S. Ford

Syria may be getting a new U.S. ambassador, but the problem of Syrian engagement is far from solved

Daybreak: Obama Ties Mideast To U.S. Interests

Plus Scuds across the border, street-name showdown, and more in the news

Today on Tablet

Breaking Passover in style, the ‘linkage’ problem, and more

Silent Right

How Jewish conservatives blew it on Iraq and Iran

Case Closed?

The spying charges against former AIPAC analyst Steve Rosen were dropped last year, but the anti-Israel spirit that enlivened them, he says, is stronger than ever

Daybreak: Opening the Cabinet

Plus Petraeus denies ‘linkage,’ and more in the news

What Petraeus Actually Said

General thinks Israel is merely one factor in region

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