Daybreak: Preparing for the Maybe-Talks

Plus Hezbollah in hot water, and more in the news

Holland Bans Kosher, Halal Slaughter

Law arguably contradicts humane, moral considerations

Grab a Brew—Don’t Cost Nothin’

Comment of the Week

Synod, Cardinal Question Jewish Claims

To Israel, mainly, but also to pretty much everything

In Lebanon, Ahmadinejad Gets Mixed Reviews

Shiites applaud, others suspect

Today on Tablet

Kosher is as kosher does, and more

Kosher by Design

How Michael Wyschogrod taught me to eat like a Jew

Today on Tablet

Dining chez POTUS, Turkey troubles, and more

Sundown: Little News Yet on Chelsea Nuptials

Plus Livni goes off on Bibi, and more

‘L’affaire Beinart’ Continues

Responses to Zionism essay pour in

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