The Cryptogram

David Mamet’s The Secret Knowledge, an assault on liberal values and politics, should be viewed not as a polemic but as a yet-to-be-written play about his usual subjects: scams and hustlers

Sundown: You Don’t Mess With the Hitch

Plus, the most Jewish HBO series yet, and more

Sundown: Russia Played Iran

Plus, Mamet Agonistes, Korean Jews, and more

Reading Judith Butler in Old Age

Comment of the week

Stronger Than a Speeding Bullet

Comment of the week!

A Very Special Message

David Mamet draws a cartoon

Sundown: Housing Announcement Shadows Bibi

Plus Cohen on Levin, Judt on NYC, and more

A New Production of an Old Mamet

As seen by one of our editors

David Mamet Tells You How To Write


Mamet’s New Play Receives Mixed Reviews

‘Race’ tackles just that

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