Brooks, Stephens Get it Just Right

Getting to the bottom of what the war in Gaza is about

‘Commentary’ Opens Its Archives

Here’s what you should read

A School for D.C.’s Jewish Elite

The Jewish Primary Day School is now the place to be for the kids of Washington’s politically connected Jews

Sundown: 70-Seat Israeli Coalition Coalescing

Plus a terror trial in New York and a wedding day letter

Daybreak: Orthodox on the Rise

Plus Samira Ibrahim is probably not gonna get that State Department award

Nate Silver Wins Today’s Election

How the statistician has permanently changed the polling game

Politics on the Pulpit

As the presidential election nears, rabbis debate whether partisanship is part of their job description

Busting the ‘Adbusters’ OWS Story

Objectionable magazine is not the force behind the movement

Is Occupy Wall Street Anti-Semitic?

David Brooks cites objectionable article in related magazine

Brooklyn We Back on the Map

Comment of the Week

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