Fighting Resumes After Brief Israeli Ceasefire

Netanyahu fires deputy defense minister; first Israeli casualty reported

Bibi Accidentally Endorses Settlement Freeze

This is all getting a little bit silly

Likud and Islamic Jihad Decry Election Results

Does this mean there can be peace?

Sundown: Ahmadinejad Denies Jewish Link to Israel

Plus the legendary Chuck Norris to visit Israel

Bibi’s Uneasy Settlement Balancing Act

Supports court decision but pledges hundreds of new homes elsewhere

Sundown: The Valkyries Ride in Israel

Plus Sunday in the Park with Israel, and more

Anti-African Migrant Protest Turns Violent

Tel Aviv riot was incited by some politicians; political failure is general

Netanyahu Plays Nice With Obama

Call it a thank-you wave

The Company Rick Perry Keeps

GOP front-runner holds press conference with pro-annexation Likudnik

Daybreak: Ho-Hum Homs

Plus Galliano convicted, tent protests tested, and more in the news

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