Daybreak: Ayalon Testifies Against Lieberman

Plus a West Bank outpost gets named for slain settler

Daybreak: Debate Begins on New Iran Talks

Plus would-be NYC synagogue bomber pleads guilty

Putting Jewish Refugees on the U.N. Agenda

A new initiative focuses on Jews expelled from Arab countries in 1948

Sundown: Bibi Ad Airs in Florida, But…

Plus AIPAC names new spokesman known as “the quote machine”

Munich To Be Commemorated in London?

Israeli diplomat hails pledge of ‘personal’ memorial for 11 Israeli athletes

@AmbassadorOren on Why He Joined Twitter

The Israeli envoy discusses his job as diplomat to the public

Twitter Diplomacy, Danny Ayalon-Style

Deputy foreign minister defends Migron, denies Palestinian nationhood

Daybreak: Egypt’s Strife

Today on Tablet

Sundown: What About Gaza?

Plus the French surrender, Eric Cantor shuns pro-Israel letter, and more

Sundown: Evasive Maneuvers

Plus Carter on Palestine, diamonds are forever (for Jews), and more

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