Exploring the Mechitza Through Dance

Florence Nasar uses dance to study the effects of Jewish ritual on women

Exploring Biblical Conflict Through Dance

Sasha Soreff’s ‘Hineni’ is inspired by struggle both ancient and contemporary

Dancing Like Arabs

Native cultural mix inspires work by Israeli choreographers Zvi Gotheiner and Hofesh Schechter


Agenda: An I.B. Singer story set to klezmer, Lou Reed reads in Brooklyn, the Steins in Paris, Chagall in Ontario, and more


Agenda: The Phantom Tollbooth turns 50, Shoah in Chicago, Art! in Jerusalem, the comedian Jewmongous, and more

Standing by La MaMa

An unusually idiotic Israel-related boycott piques my wrath

Today on Tablet

An inconvenient friendship, an enduring dance, and more

Today on Tablet

Dancers with Russian names, Denise Steen, and more

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