Seeking the Jews of Cuba

As U.S. Jewish tourism to Cuba explodes, Cuban Jewish communities struggle to keep up

Can Israel’s Medical Diplomacy Make It the Cuba of the Middle East?

Pushing the Hippocratic Oath in service of foreign policy puts doctors on the frontlines

How To Make Guava Mandelbrot, a Cuban Twist on a Jewish Classic

Video: The Old World meets the New World in one delicious cookie

U.S. to Pay Alan Gross $3.2 Million

U.S. contractor was freed last week after five years in a Cuban prison

Cuba Releases Alan Gross in Prisoner Swap

American contractor was detained in December 2009

Alan Gross Languishes in Cuban Jail

Former USAID subcontractor in such bad health he no longer leaves his cell

Alan Gross Begins Hunger Strike in Cuba Jail

The American contractor imprisoned in 2011 demands Obama help free him

Kerry Appeals to Iran for American’s Release

Calls for Robert Levinson’s return to U.S. seven years after his disappearance

Oscar Hijuelos’ Yiddishe Neshama

The Pulitzer Prize-winning Cuban-American novelist, who died last week, wrote meaningfully about Judaic scripture and the Holocaust

My Man in Havana

When we fled Cuba in 1962, my uncle stayed. He died 50 years later, without ever explaining his decision.

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