Sundown: A Picture Worth A Thousand Cables

Plus long live the King, and more

Oh, Sylvia

Pioneering feminist comics artist Nicole Hollander has drawn her big-haired, big-nosed heroine for 30 years

Pekar’s ‘Jewish Review’ Collaborator Made a Stir

Writer’s widow resented Seibel


An illustrated remembrance of cartooning legend Harvey Pekar

Today on Tablet

A very Yiddish Christmas, Christmas songs by Jews, and more

My Yiddishe Santa

Cartoonist Milt Gross’s 1927 visit from a Yiddish-accented St. Nicholas

Stick in the Mud

Mud-bathing with mom, in the latest chapter of an illustrated memoir

Holy Rollin’

From the archives: An illustrated remembrance of High Holidays past

A Graphic Take on ‘Genesis’

From Robert Crumb, with a little help from Robert Alter

Big Fun

An illustrated remembrance of halcyon days at fat camp

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