When Amir Khan and Zab Judah enter the boxing ring Saturday night, Harold Lederman will be judging the bout for HBO Sports. With his distinctive Bronx honk, he’s the sport’s most essential analyst.


As much as New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg may wish to present himself as an ethnically neutral pragmatist, his Jewishness inevitably plays a role in people’s opinion of him

Falling Star

Lost Books

J Street Controversy at Columbia

And a collegiate mock checkpoint

Sundown: U.S. Tsk-Tsks East J’lem Building

Sundown: Abbas Wins Backing for Talks Halt

Plus Palestinian studies at Columbia, and more

Apply for a Free Jewish Journalism Class

I took it; it’s great

Painting Her Grandparents, and Herself

‘Survivors’ depicts the Holocaust today

Reforming Reform Judaism in Israel

Does the movement have a future over there?

U.S. Universities Sold Out for Iranian Money

By hiring pro-Ahmadinejad professors, says ‘NY Post’

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