As much as New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg may wish to present himself as an ethnically neutral pragmatist, his Jewishness inevitably plays a role in people’s opinion of him

Falling Star

Lost Books

J Street Controversy at Columbia

And a collegiate mock checkpoint

Sundown: U.S. Tsk-Tsks East J’lem Building

Sundown: Abbas Wins Backing for Talks Halt

Plus Palestinian studies at Columbia, and more

Apply for a Free Jewish Journalism Class

I took it; it’s great

Painting Her Grandparents, and Herself

‘Survivors’ depicts the Holocaust today

Reforming Reform Judaism in Israel

Does the movement have a future over there?

U.S. Universities Sold Out for Iranian Money

By hiring pro-Ahmadinejad professors, says ‘NY Post’

Columnist Says Obama Screwed Up on Peace Push

Arab Israeli ‘Jerusalem Post’ writer blames Palestinian leadership, too

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