Christmas | December 25, 2014 | December 25, 2015



My Ghost of Christmas Past

Each year on Hanukkah, I remember a holiday scene from my childhood

Your Shabbat Reading

Christmas, the Contraception Mandate, and Jewish Law

Crispy Christmas: How One Woman Spends Her Holidays

Chinese food, television, and family fights in the back of the car.

Why Soviet Jews Have “Christmas” Trees

The secret story of a secular celebration

Is Jewish Christmas Better Than Actual Christmas?

Christmas envy may be a thing of the past

This Christmas, Meet the King of Kosher Gospel

Joshua Nelson will be performing at the Museum of Jewish Heritage

Can a Jew Love Christmas Music?

For one convert to Judaism, that’s the question of the season

The Truth About Santa, as Revealed to a Jewish Girl Circa 1980

Canadian comedian Ophira Eisenberg tells of the day she went to the mall and conquered her Christmas envy once and for all

How Christmas Helped Me Discover—and Eventually Reclaim—My Jewish Roots

When I was a child, my family’s history was hidden from me. Now I’ve made sure that my own child will always know where she came from.

Iran Nuclear Talks Back On; Mamet’s New Gig

Plus four more ‘knockout’ arrests, and more in the news

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