Some People Are Happy Tebow Is in New York

They just may not themselves be in New York

Jews for Jesus

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach claims Jesus was a Jew who never meant to create a new religion. He tests his theory on Harvard scholar Noah Feldman.

Kosher Republican

Shmuley Boteach wants the government to extend blue laws and subsidize marriage counseling—and he’s running for Congress as a Republican

Sundown: Fiction Stranger than Truth

No church in school, Yemenite Jews, and an Israeli Robin Hood

Christmas in July

Or, Tales from My Supposedly Secular Summer Camp

Say Hallelujah!

Singing the praises of Jesus Camp

Understanding My Mate

The obscure Christian sect in which he grew up

The Middle-American Way of Death

A lesson Mitch Albom never learned from Morrie

A Higher Purpose

What happens when a secular Jewish feminist immerses herself in the world of Evangelical Christians

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