We Hope You Can Read This in China

Remembering the crackdown at Tiananmen Square

Sundown: The Valkyries Ride in Israel

Plus Sunday in the Park with Israel, and more

Dear Tablet Reader, China Wants You

Beijing business seeks Jew to be a Jew (women need not apply)

Chen Arrives in U.S., Cohen at His Side

NYU law professor is close to recently freed blind Chinese activist

Meet Jerry Cohen, Blind Activist Chen’s U.S. Link

NYU Law professor is once again in the middle of U.S.-China affairs

Fighting Pharaohs in Beijing

As Jews around the world recount Passover’s story of liberation, ongoing political repression in China casts a shadow over every Seder table

What Syria Says About Israel

The transitive principle comes to geopolitics

Daybreak: Bang!

Plus New York City could be another target, and more in the news

Bibi Takes to Twitter to Implore China

How do you say ‘unacceptable nuclear red line’ in Mandarin?

The Show Must Go On Without Ai Weiwei

Alison Klayman’s documentary premieres at Sundance to raves

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