Toy Soldiers

A haftorah of breaking down and sobering up

In the Toilet

There are distinct similarities between what comes out on the page and what comes out in the w.c.

Going Nuts

Passover is about freedom, so let’s not encourage our kids to be slaves to their allergies

Are You There, God? It’s Us.

Little people, big questions

Losing My Religion

How becoming a father drove me away from Judaism—and my daughters into the Episcopal Church

Falling Down

How to talk to kids about death, in Haiti and at home

Telling Tales

How to keep your kid from becoming a tattler


The Annotated Child: Coping with the December dilemma

The Rebbe’s Teachings

As Chabad opens preschools across the country, secular parents try to reconcile the movement with the classroom

The Children Are the Future

A haftorah of singing praise and raising kids

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