Sigmund Freud Tried Thwarting Biographers. That Didn’t Stop Adam Phillips.

The esteemed author talks about all the reasons the founder of psychoanalysis would have objected to a new examination of his life


Growing up with divorced parents—one Jewish, one not—seemed to offer an abundance of holiday riches. Instead, it caused grade-school trouble.

The Big Day

After a year of unpleasant planning (or lack thereof), I found unplanned pleasure at my son’s bar mitzvah

Immediate Identification

Finding things in common with a boy from old L

Mothers’ Little Helpers

Guidebooks quell the anxieties of raising up a child

The Comfort Zone

In our apartment, I learned French and read Shakespeare. Outside of it, things got a bit more complicated.

A Death in Books

A son faces the ghosts his father left behind

Impersonating Myself

When I finally met “my people,” I felt a little out of my depth

Puppet Regime

The Quay Brothers and Bruno Schulz animate the ordinary

Spatial Relations

How a childhood in Tel Aviv differs from one in Houston

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