Kars 4 Kids Rakes in the Buckz

A well-branded Jewish charity goes to great pains to avoid calling itself Jewish—and takes in millions nationwide

A Meaningful New Way to Celebrate Lag B’Omer

Turning holiday haircuts into a way to help make wigs for those in need

Young Jews Still Donate to Faith-Based Charities

Study finds young Jews give to religious causes more than non-Jews

Holiday Haircuts Give Hope

Haircuts are a Lag b’Omer tradition. Some have turned this Jewish custom into a way to help needy kids.

Doing Mitzvah Projects Right

Don’t just ask for donations at your bar or bat mitzvah. Do some homework and find a cause with meaning.

Living in a Material World

Rabbis have long tried to persuade us of the benefits of parting with some of our money. Are we listening?

Sundown: No Deal Arrives on Fiscal Crisis

Plus Jacob Silverman on history books as holiday movies

Community Rallies Behind London Barber

After Aaron Biber’s barbershop was looted, he received an outpouring of support

In Lieu of Gifts

Forgoing the usual bar and bat mitzvah swag, some teens are asking guests to contribute to charity

Sundown: Much Talk, Little Peace

Plus the politics of Israeli daylight savings time, and more

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