Daybreak: U.S. to Arm Syrian Rebels?

Plus Christine Quinn weighs the pros and cons of a Koch endorsement

Paper Chase

Until the widow of Yiddish writer Chaim Grade died last year, his archive was kept locked away in their stuffed apartment. Now it’s up for grabs.

Diamonds in the Rough

Your Vox Tablet preview

Sundown: Progress

Valley on Valley, Hitch on faith, and more

Yiddishists Fear For Grade’s Papers

It’s up to the Bronx now

Today on Tablet

The Turkish conundrum, video evidence, and more


A former student remembers a seminar with Chaim Grade—and how it changed his life

Imaginative Assault

An excerpt from a new history of Commentary shows how the fiction published in the magazine’s early years shook not just the world of Jewish literature but the very foundations of American letters

Did Inna Grade Leave a Will?

Yiddish writer’s papers may wind up in Jerusalem

Today on Tablet

A death becomes a rebirth, and more

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